Introduction to the Kris Bradley Show

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Kris Bradley Show!

I help ambitious, creative entrepreneurs tap into their brilliant, badass selves and unlock their hidden superpowers through a combination of business strategy, mindset, and a little woo.

I hope you enjoy the show! 

Here’s where else you can find me:

IG - @iamkrisbradley

TikTok [email protected]

Youtube @iamkrisbradley 


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If you want to bring in the new year with some FIRE energy, I made something for you.  

It’s called the “Brilliant Badass End of Year Review.”

This is the exact framework I use at the end of every year in my business.

From counting the wins, to identifying things that are no longer working, this worksheet will help you get massively clear on exactly what you want and how exactly to achieve it.

Remember, you can’t improve what you don’t measure, so grab this checklist today to help you start building the life/career of your dreams! 

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