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Considering hiring me for a 1:1 coaching session?

Let me share a little secret: I'm obsessed with helping creatives like you succeed!

For 10+ years, I've braved the ups and downs of the music industry and online business world, so you don't have to. Think of me as your guide, giving you a path to your goals that's easier, faster, and has rockstar parking out front. 😉

Go ahead and check out the details of my coaching below, and I'm looking forward to working with you!

  • After you purchase, you'll get an email with a link to schedule your zoom call with me.
  • You will receive a recording with lifetime access, as well as the call notes (taken by Fantom AI) within 24 hours of our session. 
  • Please note, these are limited-time “ala carte” sessions, and there’s no follow-up after, so please come prepared with all your questions. 
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If you're looking for some serious, ongoing support, you might be a good fit for my 90 day coaching program which you can check out here.
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Here's a little taste of what we can
accomplish during our time together:

  • Create an outline for your course
  • Create an outline/vision for your podcast/youtube
  • Discover different avenues to monetize your expertise
  • Design an irresistible offer that you can use to attract your dream clients
  • Increase your AOV (average order value) on your current offers
  • Dial in your brand messaging and get massive clarity on your message
  • Systemize your processes so you can launch with more ease and efficiency
  • Get you the tools you need to hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Get a complete mindset makeover so you can tap into your brilliant, badass self and manifest your dreams.





Kris Bradley, CEO of Produce Like a Boss and a creative force who has transformed her life from a starving artist to a successful entrepreneur.

With her unique combination of skills as an intuitive strategist, coach, and musician, she inspires and empowers ambitious creatives to turn their passions into successful businesses.  

Through her guidance and support, Kris helps creatives chase their dreams fearlessly and create a life of financial freedom and personal fulfillment. 

Whether you're an artist, musician, or entrepreneur, she is dedicated to shining a light on your potential and helping you transform your passion into a thriving and profitable business.

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📝 You will receive a recording with lifetime access, as well as the call notes (taken by within 24 hours of our session.