Kris Bradley


creative strategist / human highlighter / coach-sultant 





I help creative, audacious entrepreneurs tap into their brilliant, badass selves and unlock their hidden superpowers through a combination of business strategy, mindset, and a little woo.


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Hey there!


7 Figure Creator.

Master Manifestor.

Possibility Pursuer.

Procrastination crusher.  


I’ve always had pretty audacious goals, and have spent my life unapologetically chasing my big.ass.dreams. 


I dreamt of touring the country/world and manifested a United States tour fronting an all-girl tribute to Led Zeppelin where we played in 40 different States and India. (We had a rider and Will Smith’s tour bus.  It was epic.)


I dreamt of becoming a professional songwriter/music producer, and built a 6 figure business doing custom songs, demos, and productions for hire.


I dreamt of getting my music into film/tv and I now have hundreds of placements. 


I dreamt of building an empire that would empower artists to take their careers into their own hands and create their own music, and now my company Produce Like a Boss has thousands of students crushing it with their creativity and getting paid for it.


And here’s the thing, I’m not special.


I didn’t come from money, nor did I graduate high school. 


In fact I've been on my own since age 15 and even lived out of my car for a while, so I wouldn’t say I grew up lucky, however…


I did learn how to change my thoughts, which then changed my actions, which then changed my life.


I learned how to STOP waiting for others to choose me, to accept me, and to give me permission.


I learned how to give that all to myself by tapping into the power of my own creativity.


I create art.  I create music. I create businesses. But most importantly, I create my own reality, and so can you. 


Because the truth is, we all have a Brilliant Badass living inside of us, we just have to turn on the switch. 

Kryssie T.

Kris has taken the guesswork out of what to do in creating your online business. Her way of teaching is straightforward and easy to learn. I took one of her programs and it was SO packed full of golden nuggets, all my questions were answered before I could even ask them! 

Michael A

Kris walks the talk, and teaches not only from her experience with her own 7 figure business, but is always sharing hard earned lessons from the incredible mentors and diverse education she has accumulated over the years. She is a wealth of wisdom, and shares that freely.

Kristy D.

Before working with Kris I had collected a lot of information, but the information was useless until Kris put it into context, that's when my information became transformation. Plus, Kris is honest and she loves seeing her students succeed and I think that's what makes her a great coach!

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They don't call me the human highlighter for nothing.  I will literally reverse gaslight your ass and show you just how powerful you really are.💫

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