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Harmonic Course Creator


a step-by-step guide to building your course from authenticity and alignment so you can teach from the heart.

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Harmonic Course Creator


a step-by-step guide to building your course from heart and soul, so you can leave your legacy

Are you thinking about making a course but not sure where to start?


You’re in the right place!


As someone who has generated multiple 7 figures in course sales, I want to share a little secret with you.


Selling courses isn’t about having the perfect funnel, the tactics you use, the tech platform you use, or even the information in them - remember, information is free.


It’s also not just about market research and selling what you think people want to buy. 


Market research is available to all, and the lowest hanging fruit is the highest competition! 


But guess where there’s ZERO competition?


Your authentic self.


Does that resonate?


Most people looking to launch their online coaching/courses business are either making GENERIC information based content, playing “monkey see, monkey do” and modeling the latest tactics and trends on the market, and guess what?  It’s not working!  🙈


That’s because more than ever, people are craving authenticity, alignment, and true transformation, and that comes from actual creators that have a stronger why than just “making money”.  Creators that have a STORY.  📖


As someone who has no high school diploma, and no college degree, (and has a successful online business teaching) I can tell you that experiential teachers are needed today more than ever.


The reason my business has had the success that it has is that I solved my own problem (and got a transformation), and then was able to package that in a way that could help others!


And I believe there is a unique, authentic way that ONLY YOU can teach from your own experience that can help others too! 


And that’s exactly why I created Harmonic Course Creator, to help you make the perfect course that’s aligned with your soul's purpose.


Here's what's inside...

($999 Value) Harmonic Course Creator


A comprehensive 5 module course exclusively crafted for heart centered, creative entrepreneurs.  This course will teach you everything you need to build your course from concept, to creation, to distribution!

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Module 1

How to Pick What You’re Going to Teach

Module 2

How to Outline Your Course Idea

Module 3

How to Build Your Course


Module 4

How to Fulfill Your Course


Module 5

How to Get Results for your Students




($499 Value) 📝Creativity Accelerator Bootcamp

In this 5 part mini course, you will get all the tools you need to unleash your creative genius, crush resistance, and use magic and manifestation to CREATE. By the end of this bootcamp, you will have at least 20 new pieces of authentic, fresh, marketable content that represents your brand, so that you can get your ideas out of your head and into the world!


($499 Value) 🎨 Branding Alignment Workshop


In this masterclass, I'll guide you through creating a visually stunning, authentic brand that consistently attracts your dream customer. Learn how to craft graphics that resonate with your brand identity, and select fonts, texts, and images that magnetize your audience.


($199 Value) 30-Day Free Trial of Kajabi


Experience the power of Kajabi, the all-encompassing platform where I host everything from my courses to my website. Say goodbye to complex tech setups; with Kajabi, you get an all-in-one business toolbox at your fingertips!


(Free Gift) 📖Book Recommendations


Get my list of go to book recommendations for building your brand, marketing, selling, and staying authentically aligned to your soul's purpose.

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💡Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius Within

This isn't just a course; it's a journey crafted for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to leave their legacy. Whether you're a music teacher, a visionary life coach, an intuitive, or a healing arts practitioner, 'Harmonic Course Creator' is your step by step guide to creating a course from soul.

⚡️Use Your Authentic Transformation to Teach

Dive deep into the art of authentic course creation. You're not just making a course; you're creating a body of work from your own personal transformation. We'll explore how to do this with integrity, passion, and true alignment with your dream audience.

🧠 Mindset Mastery for Creators

Beyond strategies and tactics, I'll guide you through adopting the mindset of a successful course creator. It's about aligning your purpose with your product and creating from a place of authenticity and passion.

🧑‍🎨️Build Like an Artist

From finding the perfect subject to piecing together the content, you’ll learn how to outline, build, and breathe life into your course in a way that sets you apart from the crowd. It’s about treating your work as your art.

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This is for you if… 

🌟 You're passionate about sharing your expertise and positively influencing lives.

🚀 You're looking to transform your visions into a tangible course quickly and efficiently.

🕒 You value streamlining the process from concept to creation, minimizing time without sacrificing quality.

🛠️ You're ready to take actionable steps towards building a meaningful course that reflects your core values and expertise.

💼 You're a professional looking to extend your impact beyond traditional boundaries by educating and inspiring a broader audience.

What's Inside

In Module 1, we dive into the heart of your course. I'll guide you through pinpointing exactly what you'll teach, identifying your dream students, and crafting a transformative journey for them. This is where you lay the foundations for change, ensuring you know who you're talking to and how to guide them to their destination. It's about clarity, connection, and the start of something great.

Here in Module 2, I'll let you in on the magic of crafting a killer course outline. This isn't just about organizing topics; it's about structuring your course for epic wins. I'll share my personal method that allows me to whip up courses in record time — under two weeks! This step is like sharpening your axe before chopping the tree; it's the game-changer for creating impactful learning experiences.

Roll up your sleeves for Module 3, where the real building happens. From naming your course to creating proprietary frameworks, writing scripts, shooting videos, and more — I've got you covered. We'll dive into creating engaging content, organizing it effectively, and even teaching live. This module is your comprehensive guide to turning your knowledge into a polished, professional course.

Module 4 is all about bringing your course to life and into the hands of eager learners. We'll cover building your online community, planning your release, deciding on course access options, and integrating live coaching. Plus, I'll walk you through the crucial steps of student onboarding. It's your roadmap to creating a vibrant, engaged learning environment.

In the final module, we focus on growth — both yours and your students'. Learn how to gather valuable feedback for course improvement, secure glowing testimonials, and conduct case studies that boost your marketing. This module is about leveraging success stories to enhance your course's impact and ensure your audience keeps coming back for more.


You’ll also discover how to:

👥 Build a Community: Discover the art of building a community that resonates with your course. Learn how to create a space where every student feels seen, heard, and valued, building a community that grows with you and becomes your life long super fans.

📣 Add Live Coaching to Your Course: Discover the power of live interactions. Whether it's through cohort sessions or monthly Q&As, you'll learn how adding your personal touch can elevate your course's value.

🌱 Implement Onboarding Strategies: I'll show you how to create an onboarding experience that nurtures and guides your students from day one, ensuring they feel supported throughout their learning journey

🔎 Beta Test Your New Course: Get the lowdown on how to use beta testing the right way to get proof of concept, and make any necessary refinements before launching. 

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If you're ready to make a change, let's get started!

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  • ($999 Value) Harmonic Course Creator
  • ($499 Value) Creativity Accelerator Bootcamp
  • ($499 Value)  Branding Alignment Workshop
  • ($199 Value) 30-Day Free Trial of Kajabi
  • (Free Gift) Bonus Book Recommendations


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