Calling all ambitious creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs

Create Like a Badass Bootcamp

Whether you have a business you're promoting, a product you want to sell, or a service that you provide, this bootcamp will help you get UNSTUCK and into ACTION.


Are you in a creative rut?

Maybe you’re battling with writer’s block, comparisonitis, procrastination, resistance or perfectionism.

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

You have a great idea that you want to bring into this world.

Maybe it’s a course… maybe it’s a book, maybe it’s a service you provide. 

You get realllllllly excited about the idea, and you’re high on the fantasy of it becoming a reality.  

You tell a couple friends about it.  

You write it down in your phone's “notes app”, or maybe you even start the idea, but then, like many other great ideas, it just sits on the hard drive graveyard - where ideas go to die. 

I hear you, I see you, I was you.  

I see SO many talented creators with their ideas just dying on the vine, and have been guilty of letting resistance stop me from even starting more times than I can count 🤦🏻‍♀️ - which is exactly why I created this training.

Join us for the Create Like a Badass Bootcamp so that you can step into the powerful, prolific, profitable creator you were born to be.

It all goes down on:
January 24th through January 28th everyday at 12pm PT! 

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My promise to you:

By the end of this bootcamp, you will have at least 20 new pieces of authentic, fresh, marketable content that represents your brand, so that you can get your ideas out of your head and into the world! 

Let me know if any of these sound like  you...

  • You have a $hit ton of ideas, but you can’t seem to execute and get what you hear in your head into something tangible.
  • You’ve hit a creative “rut” and it feels like the well is dry
  • You’ve got limiting beliefs that tell you you’re not worthy of being a creative badass
  • You struggle with procrastination, and find yourself saying “I’ll do that when I…. (insert B.S excuse)
  • Your inner critic is louder than your intuition, and is stopping you before you even start  😭
  • You’re not starting because you’re stuck in perfectionism and …

What you REALLY want is to...

  • bring your creations to life 
  • feel connected, in flow, and inspired
  • get into your zone of genius, and stay there! 
  • become a prolific, profitable creator, so you can get paid to do what you love!


I’m Kris Bradley.

  • 7 Figure Creator.

  • Master Manifestor.

  • Procrastination crusher.


I’ve always had pretty audacious goals, and have spent my life unapologetically chasing my big.ass.dreams. 
I dreamt of touring the country/world and manifested a United States tour fronting an all-girl tribute to Led Zeppelin where we played in 40 different States and India. (We had a rider and Will Smith’s tour bus.  It was epic.)
I dreamt of becoming a professional songwriter/music producer, and built a 6 figure business doing custom songs, demos, and productions for hire.
I dreamt of getting my music into film/tv and I now have hundreds of placements. 
I dreamt of building an empire that would empower artists to take their careers into their own hands and create their own music, and now my company Produce Like a Boss has thousands of students crushing it with their creativity and getting paid for it.
And here’s the thing, I’m not special.
I didn’t come from money, nor did I graduate high school. 
In fact I've been on my own since age 15 and even lived out of my car for a while, so I wouldn’t say I grew up lucky, however…
I did learn how to change my thoughts, which then changed my actions, which then changed my life.
I learned how to STOP waiting for others to choose me, to accept me, and to give me permission.
I learned how to give that all to myself by tapping into the power of my own creativity.
I create art.  I create music. I create businesses. But most importantly, I create my own reality, and so can you. 
Because the truth is, we all have a Brilliant Badass living inside of us, we just have to turn on the switch. 


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I always say, the only thing I love more than getting an "ah-ha!" is GIVING one! 


I’ve helped thousands of creators crush resistance and create MORE in my previous trainings.  


Check out what others are saying about working with me:

"The way Kris speaks about skill stacking and not needing to be perfect, or an expert on everything in order to get going... that got me going! I do more than I watch now, and I’m out of that procrastination rut. Thank you Kris!"

- Theresa M

"I realized procrastination was a disguise for fear to me. Thanks to Kris, I noticed it and started working on my fears!"

- Maria D

"The perspective that 'perfectionism is procrastination disguised as productivity' combined with "it's the end result that counts" really hit home for me. "

- Jens B

Here's what we'll be covering each day

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ALL creative and heart-centered entrepreneurs!

Whether you have a business you're promoting, a product you want to sell, or a service that you provide, this bootcamp will help you get UNSTUCK and into ACTION

Join the Bootcamp!